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Kwarek Engineering and Designing Services Close Corporation. was envisioned after conducting a lengthy feasibility study over a period of time, within South Africa, dating from 2003 to 2006. During this study, major Industries within South Africa were infiltrated and explored extensively. As a result this led to the conception of Kwarek Engineering and Designing Services Close Corporation. by the sole Proprietor and Entrepreneur, Mr. Walter G. Karim. Due to the vast Technical Inclination of the targeted industries, a necessity was deemed, by not only to understand these businesses but also to specialise and excel within the Mechanical Factuality of each Core Business.

This involved Alternate and Local Material Selection, Proper Traceability and Configuration Development, Inspection/Validation and Commissioning of equipment, Fabrication and Related Activities, Computer Aided Designs and Production of Manufacturing Drawing, Special Processes Implementation, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing, Environmental Testing, Modular Development and Curriculum Training Criteria of Heavy Equipment and Machinery on application, Safety and Application Training and Competency Certifications, on Job Practical and Theoretical Training of the same.

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As a resultant of Positive-Interactive Processes, by Kwarek Engineering and Designing Services Close Corporation. the establishment of Solid Relationships in the South African Heavy and Light Industry was evident. Also, represented by nineteen years of Extensive Mechanical Experience, in different Heavy and Light Industries, identification of a necessity in lieu of a Specialised-Skill was warranted to facilitate Efficiency in a Cost Effective Solution. We, at Kwarek Engineering and Designing Services Close Corporation. Provide a complete-package that includes Conceptual Design (using the most advanced and latest three dimensional packages), drafting of Tender Data-Packs for our clients perusal, Prototyping, Final Design and Manufacture Data-Packs, Commissioning, Total Close and Delivery of Project Data-Packs and not excluding our very Stringent Inspection and Validation Process.

Our capabilities extend to the Reverse Engineering Specialised Field that satisfies Original Equipment Organisations (OEM) and Parts, as per the intended specification and application within the shortest down time and cost effective solutions. Existing testimonials from our Clients will verify our Value Systems, Mission and Vision that ensured Accurate Forecasting, Planning, Budgeting and Execution of Tasks, in order for our Clients to attain their Goals and Objectives, not only by meeting their predetermined Milestones but in most instances achieving the same well within their desired Predetermined- Time-Frame.


All of our Client’s Requirements and Reviews are held in the Strictest Confidence and is governed by our Internal Privacy Policy and Client Contract. We emphasize that our Privacy Policy is Legally Binding in a court of law.

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Contact Numbers: Jhb : +27 84 752 7611
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